It's simple. You don't have to keep doing what isn't workingIt's simple. You don't have to keep doing what isn't workingIt's simple. You don't have to keep doing what isn't workingIt's simple. You don't have to keep doing what isn't working

Hi, My name is Melissa Cline and I'm on a mission to help people HEAL. It's that simple. I want people to heal. After being hospitalized for poor gut health, I know almost every pill, treatment, and life-long diagnosis that can be given out.

But, I'm proud that I didn't let that stop me. See poor gut health was affecting every area of my life from my confidence, to my waistline, to my ability to work, sleep, or even enjoy a good meal.

I believed everything I was told from health professionals found in my health insurance plan until I realized that what they were saying wasn't enough for me. That's whenI started to shift my mindset from "I'm going to deal with this for the rest of my life." to "How do I change this?"

I'm here to tell you that if you want change in your life, you really are in the right place. There are a lot of pills and snake oils out there, so for you to have found my page (one of a true survivor), I'm honored. I've been through it, healed, and now dedicate my time and talents to helping people get the breakthrough knowledge they need to start loving their gut and to start healing once again.

Some people will be hesitant to move forward, but the truth is if you could do it on your own, you would not be reading this. The information I teach you in this program introduces you to what a healed gut looks like and the first four steps you need to begin to take for transformation.

If I had someone to tell me 15 years ago when I was in the hospital what I'm about to tell you in this program, I would have paid that person $1,000! It was just that serious for me, luckily for you this program is afforable and is from my heart to yours. 

So, are you curious what's in this program?

One on One Q & A Call


Most coaches are too busy to have one on one calls with their clients without them having to pay 150+ in fees. In this program you receive a link to schedule a call with me and get your immediate questions answered. This is not a group call, YES it's a real one one one call, available for you to use if you need it. 

4-week Modules


Starting Monday of next week (December 9, 2019) we begin module one of four. You receive the login delivered to your email at the beginning of each week and together we go through each module. I will be working through the program with you. Each week we'll add on a new concept, so you have time to implement and understand.



You are not in this alone. Many programs allow 100 people +  in at a time. This is not the case here. I personally will be checking in with you. So, for those who know they want that extra accountability, you can opt in to receive personal texts delivered straight to your phone for reminders, encouragement, and healing. 



Each 4-week module will give you an opportunity to answer a writing prompt in a 5 minute journaling exercise that you can share with me personally. This added bonus is to make sure you are not only learning the new concepts, but are understanding them and applying them to your life.

Weekly Transformation Tips


After each module is complete, I'll share with you two things you can do that week to implement what you've learned. This part is invaluable, because many clients learn new things from articles and youtube videos, but having a step-by-step process to put healing into action takes help. These transformation tips allow you to go from concept to understanding to implementation into your daily life.



As an added bonus, you will get a couple of my favorite go-to recipes. For those who struggle with making a meal at home, you'll absolutely love my under 20-minute delicious dinners (As ssen on Instagram). These dinners are so flavorful, scrumptious, and  mouth-watering. I like to think these meals really allow people to think twice about fast food, because my recipes are so easy and just that good!

About this Transformational Program


Why I do this?

People need healing. Most often I see people who have poor gut health (like I did), may also be struggling with a tire shape around the waist and digestive issues. Normally these are people who learned about food and health from other elders in their family, who also have poor gut health. I believe no matter our age, race, or background, we all deserve the necessary tools to break the cycle of lack. In this case, there is often a "lack of knowledge." 


Why My Program is Different?

My goal is not only that you love your gut and begin your health journey, but for you to begin to understand the healing process for yourself. Why is this? Well, many programs give you the steps, but not the understanding. I believe to truly help people heal one has to apply the principle of "In all thy getting, get understanding." I promise you (like me) when I received real understanding, I was able to shift my mindset, choices, and lifestyle in a way I never would have just following steps. In this program you are taught to be a leader of leaders. You will have tools and resources that not only change your life, but the very tools needed to break generational cycles of poor gut health in your household. This alone is valued at over $1,000, but that's why my program is different because I won't be charging you that.  I refuse to teach you the steps without giving you the understanding of "why" in each concept.


Why I Limit The Number of People Who Can Enter This Program?

It's simple. The one on one attention needed in this program will not allow for dozens and dozens of people. With the accountability in this program, you can sign up for text check-ins. You'll also be able to schedule a one on one call, and as you go through each module weekly, you'll have access to me. To do this effectively, I must close the program once it reaches capacity. Also, I refuse to fully automate a program like this when I know having a real person in your corner is one of the most valuable components of healing. You will probably not see this type of personalization in any other affordable program.

Here's What You Get

4 Week Modules

Each module is dedicated to the healing of your gut and is on of four practices I use to keep my gut healthy, clean, and properly working.

Transformation Tips

Each tuo

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Here's Why My Approach Works


"In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding."

Many times women (and men) are sold programs with steps. Then the steps are followed only 50% of the time in hopes for some change. The philosophy, education, and understanding behind the development of those steps is rarely shared which is why there is very little follow through. This is a missing link in most programs.

 However, in my program I will not allow you to miss out on the most important part, "understanding". You deserve more than the 4 week healing jouney found in this program, you deserve to UNDERSTAND the education and information utilized to create it. That is why that too is in this program. Yep, you'll be able to teach your loved ones, children, spouse, or friends why and how you've been able to heal yourself.

It is in this understanding that lives are changed, new lifestyles emerge that are sustained, and cycles of poor gut health are broken.

Still have a question? I'll answer it.