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What I do


My name is Melissa Cline. I serve women (and their spouses) who have tried everything and still struggle with their weight and are not comfortable with their body size or gut health.

How I do it


 I work with you one on one to lose weight by introducing holistic lifestyle principles that make your weight loss (and gut health) sustainable and long-lasting. I and many others are proof that this is possible. 

About this Transformational Program


Every wonder why?

Maybe you tried something before, but it didn't work or you couldn't stick to it?  The Body Transformation  Detox is not only a weightloss and gut health program but takes you on a journey of healing. We uncover the psychology about your choices FIRST, then and only then do we begin to alter them.


Uncovering the Root

This transformational program is a refreshing alternative to daily gym routines that are not for everyone and for those suffering in silence with gut issues, feeling out of balance in their bodies. Together we look at the root causes of your choices, the source of your current information, and rebuild your identity statement, so you believe differently before you are expected to live differently. 


Time Tested Methods

After receiving one-on-one attention, you begin the detox cleanse portion of the program. This portion allows you to eat many of your same meals but will motivate you to cleanse and detox your body with water, berries, and herbs used by ancient herbalists to remove stubborn belly fat and cleanse the system of toxins (that may be causing you irritation and access weight). 

Once you know how to properly utilize herbs, you will use this for the rest of your life.

Going Deeper



I'm Melissa Cline a Holistic Health & Healing Coach and I believe every woman deserves to feel great in her skin, and feel SEXY about who she is and the beauty she brings to the world! I am the founder of the Body Transformation Detox. I have studied and researched the mind, body, spirit connection for years after feeling I was not getting the whole picture from my doctor or local gym. I realized there was and is a universe of information not accessible to the general public that drastically changed my body and can help all women live a healthier, more vibrant life. I'm committed to sharing these timeless, ageless, principles that help women (like me) become leaner and feel SEXY in their skin again.

 I have learned from great master teachers who are now 80 + years old and still living FULL lives appearing significantly younger than their age and living a vibrant life.   I have credentials from Northwestern University and successfully completed my program in one of the top graduate schools in the nation! I have over a decade of spiritual mentorship and advisement, so my Mind-Body-Spirit tools are time tested. These are tools that you WILL NOT FIND IN A DIET PROGRAM or a FITNESS ROUTINE. These tools will help you address the mind, body, spirit connection in your weight loss, so (if you're willing)  your transformation can be life-long!

Day 1

Discovery Call


Event Details

Discovery Call

Once you sign up you'll be given a link to schedule your Discovery Call asap and will receive your first three journaling prompts to be used on the Discovery Call. This is when you receive 1 on 1 connection and direction for your goals.


Week 1

Finding the Root: Understanding The Psychology behind Your Choices

Event Details

Finding the Root: Understanding The Psychology behind Your Choices

Using your given history, life, and goals, we discover the psychology behind your choices, seek to understand them, then take time to redirect them.  You receive daily text message reminders to utilize the tools we discuss on your Discovery Call.

You will be given your list of 5 ingredients  needed to begin your detox cleanse - to be purchased from your local grocery store. 

Week 2- 8 (RInse & Repeat)

Redesigning Your Habits: Detox Begins

Event Details

Redesigning Your Habits: Detox Begins

  • You begin the detox cleanse portion -a step by step detox that has been proven to transform the body
  • You receive coaching sessions every other week
  • You interconnect the psychology you now understand into your lifestyle gradually step by step
  • You are given daily accountability
  • You are introduced to and incorporate herbal remedies into the daily  detox cleanse to help reduce stubborn belly flat, gut inbalance, skin issues, and more.
  • You receive live question and answer access on Wednesdays to get your questions answered
  • You are seen, heard, and understood as an individual who will need personalized help
  • You slowly develop a body and lifestyle that feels like yours
  • You receive your final coaching call, defining your results, and outlining your pathway forward

last day: Results results

End of Week 8: Results Results Results

Event Details

End of Week 8: Results Results Results


  • You receive your final coaching call, defining your results, and outlining your pathway forward.
  • This is when you can submit a request for your Body Transformation Detox mug to celebrate your commitment and your transformation. 

Here's Why My Approach Works


"In All Thy Getting, Get Understanding."

Many times a workout plan or boot camp is sold to help women lose weight, but what happens after that boot camp ends? Nothing

Many times a diet smoothie or meal plan is sold to women for weight loss, but once the plan ends, then what happens? Nothing

The core of my program is to teach YOU the holistic principles that not only help alter your weight and gut health while on the detox, but these are principles we work to implement into your daily life. I work with you one on one to shift your understanding, so you are equipped with the tools to continue these holistic principles in every season of your life - feeling healthy & sexy, loving the skin you're in.

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