About Us


Your Healing Room exists to add an added layer of self-care healing to your life. This store is an extension of The Healing Room, a community-based project to encourage emotional and physical health in our communities, so by shopping here you are advocating for and financially supporting the health of many families. Our premium products are hand selected to add comfort, ease, and self-care to your everyday life. If you were to look around your home, how many things would you see that are specifically for your self-care healing? Many would find very few and we'd like to change that. Founder and Healing Advocate, Melissa Cline is committed to teaching, coaching, and speaking on the power of taking care of YOU and how when you do that, your family, marriage, relationships, and community become healthier and stronger. 

We define "Self-Care Healing" as taking time and space to revitalize the mind, body, and spirit for optimal health and ultimate joy.

Welcome to Your Healing Room!