Lapis Lazuli and White Howlite Bracelet

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Clarity, Peace, and Stress Relief

This beautiful gemstone piece is adorned with a stunning setting of Blue Kyanite and White Howlite.

Blue Kyanite - Helps to bring clarity through communication - Aligns all of the chakras - A great calming stone when the wearer is feeling anxious or when the wearer is preparing to meditate - Helps the throat and brain 

White Howlite - A calm and peaceful stone - Helps to reduce anxiety and stress - Encourages emotional healing and removing selfish, rude and greedy behaviors - Helps the bones.

This bracelet style only comes in 8mm. 

Bracelet Materials:

Genuine Semi Precious Stones- Highest Quality 

Strong Elastic Band .7mm

Sterling Silver Accents

Vermeil Accents